Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wow! time goes so fast and yet so slow

We have been home over a year now and it seems like we have been together forever, accept......  when we miss Ethiopia.  That happens frequently.  We have had conversations that no parent should have to have with a child and most parents don't have with their kids when they are adults.  Every day we are reminded of what life was like for our boys before America.  Every day we try to put ourselves in their shoes and we fail miserably.  God reminds us daily that we were chosen to parent and Love our sons and yet at times it seems an unsurmountable choice.  Then I have a day like Tuesday and Today and I try to place them in Ethiopia as they are and my mind gets lost with the wonderment of who they are and the amazing kids they are becoming as well.  I give Thanks daily to our Father and to their father in Ethiopia.  I ask for blessings on their Ethiopian mother and pray she is watching down on them, and us, smiling.

This year we have met and Loved two special tutors Teacher M and Teacher T who helped Fikadu get to first grade.  Without them it wouldn't have happened.  We have played soccer, baseball, and football.  We have learned about the Wii and we have talked about our Ethiopian family.   Our oldest son and I have had lengthy discussions on Heaven and who we think is there.  The conversation started about mommy's horse, Salty, being in heaven.  Then it proceeded to her daddy and then their mommy.  The conversations are frank and honest and very raw, yet so amazingly blessed.  We have talked about hurts, fears, bad dreams and they have asked if it hurts when a baby comes out.  (That was a doozer of a conversation).  Yet, in the wisdom that our Father has given me, I seem to come up with the right answers.  The answers that are so brutally truthful they hurt, yet so touching and filled with Love they heal.

My prayer for this next year is continued healing, continued bonding and continued wisdom.  I pray this for all of our adoptive families and their children as well.  Our journey to have children has been nothing less than a miracle and nothing my wildest imagination could have dreamed up.

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